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810 not pairing with cadence and speed sensors.

JohnAHJohnAH Posts: 11
edited November 2016 in Road general
I have been trying to get my 810 to pair with a pair of Garmin speed and cadence sensors. I have followed the instructions in the manual, but I get device not found.
The sensors do blink green for about 5 seconds after turning the pedals.
Garmin support do not seem to be able to solve the issue. Is there any one who has had this problem and been able to resolve it.


  • Ascot17Ascot17 Posts: 97
    I presume you are trying to pair the sensors whilst turning the pedals?

    The sensors sleep when they have not turned for while - the green lights indicate they are awake. You need to search for them on the device whilst you are turning the sensors (you can spin them in your fingers if that is easier).

    That said, I presume Garmin support would already have suggested that! If the lights are blinking and the device is still not picking them up, you may have a bigger problem...
  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    Try spinning the wheels and cranks backwards for a few seconds.
    Also, have you got sensors on another bike too?(which your garmin normally pairs to) If so it may be Trying to pair to those instead. I had to set up a new bike profile on the Garmin with the new sensors.
  • JohnAHJohnAH Posts: 11
    I have tried whilst turning the pedals and this is a new 810 and has never been paired with anything else before. I have managed to pair it with my heart rate monitor with no problems.
  • mamba80mamba80 Posts: 5,032
    JohnAH wrote:
    I have tried whilst turning the pedals and this is a new 810 and has never been paired with anything else before. I have managed to pair it with my heart rate monitor with no problems.

    When i first had my 520, i had awful issues pairing, i thought it was sensor batteries or even the sensors (speed or cadence) what seems to have fixed it, is f/w updates, might be worth checking you ve got the latest? 5.10
    HR was never a problem.

    make sure batteries are ok too, i had to swap out the one on the cadence sensor from new, as its v+ was v low
  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    Mine paired with my Edge 500 easily enough but about 15 minutes into a ride, the computer froze. I changed the battery and have never had a problem since. It would appear that the battery was bad straight out of the box and I have since heard the same story a fair few times. One tip - you can buy 5 batteries on ebay (inc. P&P) for the price of one at, say, Maplin.
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  • JohnAHJohnAH Posts: 11
    The first thing I did was to replace the batteries, as I thought this might be the problem.
  • JohnAHJohnAH Posts: 11
    For anyone that may be interested, I finally got it to pair.
    I could not do it after I had set up the 810, using Garmin instructions failed.
    I had to reset the 810 and during the setup phase it came to the search option, pairing at this point worked. I then went on to setup the 810,
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    One feature I found with the new Garmin cadence sensor is that it only seems to wake up when pedaling fwds. Probably an obvious thing but my old sensor (a Bryton) would wake up by me simply spinning the pedals backwards so I could easily check everything before heading out but try as I hard as I liked, this method would not work with the new Garmin. I had resigned myself to the fact that I either had to remove/replace the battery prior to every ride or just forget the whole thing. Which I did...and then discovered the feature about fwd spinning. Now, I just ride my bike down the road and about 10 yards into the ride the sensor wakes up and then syncs. Works perfectly every time but I spent a lot of time trying to sort that out.
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