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Spoke length 1.2mm too long

pnm563pnm563 Posts: 5
edited October 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help save my weekend here! The dining table has been a wheel workshop for too long :wink:

All measurements taken myself, in mm.

Shimano M756a Deore XT hub rear, flanges 61.5, left flange to center 31.5, right flange to center 18.5

WTB Frequency Team i25 29er 32 hole ERD 600

For 3 cross wheel, spoke calculator gave 289.9 for left and 288.8 for the right.

I selected 290mm for the left. 288mm for the right was too short, the nipples started tightening way too early, so I have gone for 290mm for the right.

So with spokes that are 1.2mm too long, can I ever expect to achieve reasonable dish (0-2mm from center) without the drive side spokes feeling way too tight?

The rim needs to move another 3-4mm but I would be uncomfortable tightening the spokes any further. They are near their thread limit anyway.

Any help gratefully receieved,



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