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Bottom Bracket for Suntour 28/38/48

PacotePacote Posts: 2
edited October 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a Gary Fisher Tarpon (2007)

Even though it says it different suntour, mine is a XCC-T208 28/38/48

After going through hell to remove the BB that was stuck af, I was so angry I just throw it in the garbage.


It was a square type BB, so I, GENIOUS that I am bought a 68mm x 122.5 thinking it would be the only size....

Its way too large, after doing some research I at least discovered that mine BB should be 73mm (Measured) but Ive no idea about the lenght.

Amazon links of the current XCC-T208 model shows that it needs a 113mm width lenght.

Can anyone help me if thats the case? I already ordered one 73x113 and am returning the one I bought first.

Just wanted to make sure that its the correct one.
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