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Should I get the GT Avalanche Comp (2016)

JakeBassettJakeBassett Posts: 2
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As I've had a bmx history, I'm now wanting to get into mountain biking. I have a maximum budget of £400 and on a website called wiggle I've found the GT Avalanche Comp (2016). It's price is £332 but I'm not sure if it will hold up against downhill trails and jumps as I start to progress. If anyone knows about or has this bike can you please tell me if I should get it. :D


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It's a xc/trail bike - certainly not intended for jumps, unless you land smooth. That said there is little choice at this price, and it is pretty decent value. Just don't expect too much from it, I's save up a bit more if you plan to hit harder trails. But for light trails, xc it is spot on for an entry level machine.
  • ade555ade555 Posts: 216
    I would look at 2nd hand at that price range, new bikes are always expensive but good bargain can be found, there is always lots of the same type of post, would this work on downhill trails ect. , if you want doing downhill then you need to do get downhill bike and is out of your price range, for light trials and XC this is entry level hardtail, where you planning on riding?
  • I started out riding BMX and moved to mountain biking. Secondhand would be the best place to look, I went for a hardtail frame initially paired with some jump forks (100mm - fairly stiff). This was great for riding some of the smoother downhill stuff and I could still use it at places like Adrenaline Alley. When time became an issue and I could only ride at the weekends I only rode outdoors (all the parks swamped with scooter kids) so swapped out for a fork with more travel and a slightly slacker frame (still a hardtail). This was fine for the type of downhill I was doing (Forest of Dean, Rogate) which are generally quite smooth, open fast trails. You'll probably struggle if you want to do anything more loose or natural (rock gardens) but depends where you ride.

    I eventually went full suss in the end but it was a big jump in cost (£2.5k in the end) to find something that I wanted.
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