Would like to consult with you about an on demand bike insurance app we're working on

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Hi all,

First its very important to say I am not willing to promote the app here, therefore - please don't ask me for its name.

I would like to consult with you about an on demand bike insurance app we're working on to cover damage for anything that usual household content insurance doesn't cover.

They app is going to be very simple - you click to turn insurance cover on, take a picture of your bike to document the fact that they're in a good condition and then the insurance is on. when you finish your ride/transit - you click to turn insurance cover off.
A few questions:
1. Would you be interested in such an on demand hourly insurance for your bike?
2. What do you believe would be the right pricing? We were thinking 1$ per hour and maximum of 15$ monthly (if a customer reaches 15 hours he/she get free insurance until the end of the month) with deductible amount of 100$.
3. What are the key coverage that are important to you? We were thinking worldwide coverage for: Transit cover, Damage cover, Malicious damage, Custom parts damage, Personal accident cover, Third party bodily injury, Third party property damage cover.
4. What do you believe the cost that should be insured that would make such pricing worthwhile for you? We were thinking covering up to 15k of bike + equipment and another 100k of bodily injury + 100k 3rd party bodily injury.

We of course wish to make the return process as easy and fast as possible with great customer service. it's too soon to share all the details in this matter but as it seems after talking with a few insurance companies, this is definitely possible.

Thank you!


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    As we use £s in the UK, I assume you are somewhere else that uses $s. Hong Kong, Australia, NZ, perhaps even the US?

    But for me, no.
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  • Can't see how it would work. The only time I would want it would be for theft.
    And that would only be when I park my bike in some dodgy area while I am visiting clients.
    There is no way that any insurance company would cover for that (at least not at reasonable cost).
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