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Form / Clipless Pedals

CalxCalx Posts: 15
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Hi, do clipless pedals encourage better form generally? I've started having trouble with my knees recently and am worried that it may be down to the angle of my feet on the pedals on long XC rides. Does anyone know anything about this or have any info that might be of use?


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811

    It all depends what is causing the knee pain!

    If you are peddling with your feet at an angle that causes twisting of the knees, then yes SPD (zero or no float) can help by making sure you're feet are at a more sensible angle. That said it wasn't unknown for the older zero float clipless designs to cause knee pain by forcing you to pedal with your feet at the wrong angle if you didn't set them up right. My son has whacky joints (he can lay down on his back and touch the floor with both little toes at the same time) and he found clipless great for stopping him riding with his feet splayed out (which in turn pushed his feet forward on the pedal to avoid massive heel rub issues).

    If it's caused by something else then clipless won't help!
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  • CalxCalx Posts: 15
    Minefield indeed - thanks for your input.
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