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Eastway Esaki or Pre Cursa

Finch8860Finch8860 Posts: 11
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I'm sure this subject has been done to death so I apologise in advance. This will be my first fixed gear bike so I don't want to spend a small fortune. I've narrowed my choice down to the two above which seem to represent the best bang for buck available at present and would be interested in people's thoughts around positives and negatives of each. Being honest it is unlikely that the bike will ever see much track use, being used instead for short, hard and flat rides up to 2 hours and possibly some time trial use.

Both are alloy frames with carbon bladed forks and with the following builds are within a hair of each other on price and I suspect also weight as well. The Eastway has Halo Aerotrack wheels vs Navigator Pista's on the Dolan. The Eastway comes with a SRAM Omnium 48t x 16t, the Dolan has Sugino RD2 at this price point. Finishing kit on the Eastway is Ritchey Comp and Fizik Aliante vs Deda and Selle Italia on the Dolan. These are the major differences that I see although I'm sure the finished articles could well be very different.

Any thoughts and input appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • mamba80mamba80 Posts: 5,032
    As your not using it for track but for road use, you need to be sure that whatever bike you go for the frame is drilled for brakes and that the wheels have a braking track on the rim.

    if it were my money, i d look at a spesh langster as they ve more relaxed geo, come with brakes etc.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,969
    As above - Langster, as it's a single speed road bike you are talking about, not a track bike.
  • Thanks for your replies so far. I did look at the Langster but for some reason it left me cold, possibly all the generic looking components in comparison to the brands available elsewhere, I'm not sure.

    Both of the bikes mentioned do come with brakes, although the Dolan is front only, and both have anodised brake tracks so they do tick the boxes for road use. I'm used to fairly aggressive geos with my TT bike and TCR Advanced SL so that doesn't worry me as such either.

    Any comments on the relative merits of the components described or the framesets would be appreciated. Cheers.
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