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Training in the turbotrainer

javidrjavidr Posts: 107

Finally i have configured my trainer correctly and it works fine. Now, i want to train with some common sense rather than being like a hamster in a wheel...

I want to improve my resistance and burn fat. I habe been training 2 weeks in low bpm (115-135) for 1 hour 3 times a week.

I have heard about HIIT training, it is, intervals, but i need a bit more of info

If i do this training, does it mean that this is the only thing i can do? I mean, if i do HIIT 3 days a week, if i do another training 2 days a week, like recovery, will it have any impact in the training?

Is HIIT training a progressive training? Like being 40 mins 1st week, then 45 mins next week, etc...

Do you know any webpage that has any training plan that i can use?



  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,026
    Do you want a bit of reading then Training Peaks Training blogs are a good start: ... =1;&page=9

    There are loads of them to read some more applicable to you some not.. but it is all free fantastic info to get yu understanding what is a highly complicated area
    It can be simplistic but if you are curious to understand why something works and perhaps critically why something is not working, then a bit of homework is required and avoid forums for a while ...

    Last year the 'great Zone 2 helps you win races' debate raged.... I daresay it will re appear at some point over winter.. like everything in human exercise physiology, the jury is always 'out'
  • javidrjavidr Posts: 107
    Great. I will have a look

  • Have you come across Trainerroad or Zwift?

    Useful training aids and for use with the plans you come across
  • javidrjavidr Posts: 107
    i use zwift. Is there any plan on there?
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