Alarm systems dumb moment

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Hi all,

Just a quick one as I can't find the info I need as I am having a dumb moment.

On a alarm system for a shop or anywhere like that, you can have a PIR or contact on the door that beeps every time you open the door. What are they called, I keep searching for alarm PIR chime etc but it keeps giving me wireless systems.

I am after the one that is hardwired back to an alarm control box.



  • Assume you've checked the alarm control panel instructions on how to activate the door chime (entry/exit beep)would have thought most alarms have it as standard? The pir/door sensor is a bog standard sensor.

    Unless you mean a stand alone unit....fill yer boots! ... noapp=true
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    Had a similar issue trying to find a wired doorbell, thousands of results for wireless doorbells, page after page of duplicate listings for wireless doorbells. Sometimes some things are incredibly difficult to find on eBay because sellers use "wrong" keywords and flood the site with bad search results......... Basically I don't want a temperamental wireless doorbell that refuses to work when one of my neighbours has their WiFi set to channel 11.

    In the end, after much frustration I made my own bloody doorbell.
    A push switch £1, a timer circuit £3, a 90db 12v industrial piezo buzzer £2.50, a pattress box + cover 90p, 2m of automotive twin core cable and an old 12v Netgear router power supply I had lying around. Could just as easily have used a PIR sensor instead of a switch.
    Best damn doorbell i've ever known, doesn't play stupid tunes, I can hear it anywhere in the house and it just does what it's supposed to do every single time.

    If you can't find exactly what you want, it's easy and cheap to buy all the parts and do it yourself.