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Hi all
I have a Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc hybrid bike and I've just purchased a CycleOps Classic Fluid 2 turbo trainer to use in the winter instead of cycling in the cold.

I want to get a tyre for the trainer but struggling to find one that will fit my bike as most are 23-25. My rim has the following text on it '700c. ETRTO. 622 x 19c. Disc Brake Use Only'. I currently have a 38C tyre so i'm worried a 23/25 would be too small?

Would the below tyre fit or can you recommend another one?
https://www.evanscycles.com/specialized ... c-EV246386

Thanks :)


  • diamonddog
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    I would think any width 700 tyre will fit your wheels, there are many road bike wheels at 19 ish internal rim width. The Vittorio Zaffiro turbo tyre is about half the price of the Specialized one, I have been using mine regularly for over 4 years now.
    Try Decathlon/Wiggle/CRC for the best price on the Zaffiro, if your still not sure on sizing ask in store.
  • jgsi
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    As said any 700 will do.
    Maybe run a slick 25 or 28 for turbo purposes... slick means less turbo noise.
    Just one point , I am thinking you are going to change the tyre and run the wheel exclusively on the turbo?
    If you are going to use the bike back on the road that choice of turbo tyre may not be suitable for your style of road riding.
    When not having a direct drive turbo, a fair lot of people just have a spare back wheel to quickly swap for indoor training.
  • diamonddog
    diamonddog Posts: 3,426
    As JGSI mentioned don't use the turbo tyre for road use as they are not designed for it. I would look to get a cheap rear wheel and cassette just for turbo use.
  • danb2
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    Thanks all. I've found the Vittorio Zaffiro turbo tyre at Decathlon for £15 so i'll go for that. I was just concerned about using a 23c tyre when I currently have 38C as I don't fully understanding the sizing system. As i'm going to be using the turbo all winter i'm going to use my existing wheel and then swap the tyres back for the spring and pack the turbo trainer away

    Thanks! :)