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Regular groups/rides near Leeds

loukestloukest Posts: 89
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Hi, been riding a while now but it tends to be on my own or with one other person who isn't always around. Does anybody know of any regular rides or groups that go out frequently and who wouldn't mind me tagging along?



  • Hi there,

    Where in Leeds are you?

    I tend to ride either on my own or with one or 2 other mates depending on how our diaries co-ordinate. Not doing so much at the moment due to house DIY, but will be more regular come the spring. You're welcome to PM me and we can see if meeting up works out. I'm north Leeds based, so lots of trails from Pudsey (West) all the way round to Hetchell Woods / Bardsey way (North-East), as well as options out to Otley, Ilkley, Baildon and the trails at Stainburn.

    Garage bikes in Morley do regular shop rides, but I've never been. Suspect there will be several LBS that do organised rides, so worth checking out those local to you.

    Local cycling club - ARCC (mainly a road club) has an MTB section who sometimes organise rides.

    Otherwise, maybe worth doing a Facebook search for local MTB groups and see what comes up.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Shedloads of clubs around. Make a note of any jerseys you see a lot and look up their club name ? Or hang around the local bike cafe ?
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