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tacx flow

pe1terpe1ter Posts: 169
i recently made a bad choice and ordered a tacx satori but on getting some good advice from this forum i got a refund on it and going to decathalon in next few days to het the flow does anyone know if i can do the virtual training programmes on my phone with the tacx app or does it have to be on ipad / tablet thanks any advice appreciated its my first trainer


  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 9,441
    Mines connected to the I pad, so a I phone will work as well, I assume android will do, I just use the Tacx app and training films
    Just look for the Tacx app on your phone, and see if you can download it
  • I'd recommend getting British Cycling membership and then you can get 10% off the Flow at Halfords.

    The Tacx app has some basic stuff on iPhone to put you on a set wattage etc. For more stuff look for Kinomap, Skuga, Intervals as well as other paid platforms like Zwift and Trainer Road
  • I've just bought a Flow and used it with Zwift 3times and its really easy to set up. I use it with the app on my iPhone and my Macbook Pro, just turn the blue tooth on and they find each other and off you go. It really is that easy.

    One thing I have found with Zwift is that the speed is bit off. On the road I can average 21-22mph and on there so far I struggle to get 19-20. But the actual game/sim itself is good and much better than a normal turbo.
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