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Right adductor pain (groin pain)

kenyanscottkenyanscott Posts: 26
edited October 2016 in Health, fitness & training
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of help and support regarding an issue I'm having.

I've really increased my miles over the past few weeks, I've already completed 1 endurance event and I have another coming up.

I've also changed bikes recently 29er hardtail to a 27.5" full suss. ( i was getting the same pain on the 29er before I switched over)

My right adductor becoming really really sore after about 23+ miles. Its sore, I can keep cycling but the pain I get when attempting climbs is excruciating and I find myself getting off and walking the hills - especially the larger climbs. I then then cycle the flats with a drain in energy but I can still do it.

does anyone have any experience of this that could help with how I get rid of the pain. I did a 14 mile cycle no problem and there were some big climbs and I managed with no issues, it just seems weird that when it hits 20+ miles that it feels my body packs in and this one muscle is where it all goes wrong for me - which does seem odd.
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