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Shimano 6480 Ultegra 8-Speed Bar Ends

MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706
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How are the compared to DT ones for ease of use? ... GwodR24GWg

I really like using DT shifters but have never used bar end ones.

Im thinking of trying them on bike im building up from 8 speed spare parts. I would use the 8 speed DT shifters which I already have but the frame I want to build up doesn't have the DT mounts.

Also cable routing options looks less straight foward a longer run/more untidy with bar ends...

Other option is 8 speed claris STI.

Also found theese:

for mounting DT on the drops.


  • alan_shermanalan_sherman Posts: 1,157
    Given how cheap tiagra is, why not go 10 speed?
  • alan_shermanalan_sherman Posts: 1,157
    Sorry, hit enter too soon. One option is a stem mount for down tube shifters. St johns street cycles is a good shout for this type of thing, or even a band on mount for down tube shifters.

    I prefer STIs, and 10 speed fits on an 8 speed cassette, hence the suggestion for tiagra. It is not backwards compatible with older derailleurs though so you would need shifters and mechanisms, plus cassette and chain. They do a triple though!
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