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New toy - Carrera Fury

daffdaff Posts: 81
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Having had (and sold) a Voodoo Bizango and a Cannondale Rush full sus (and sold it!) I realised that for what I want a bike to do a hardtail would be perfect.

Cue searching for something with reasonable components but without breaking the budget which was, to be perfectly frank, really low!

So step forward the Carrera Fury 2015! Raidon air forks, Sram X5 groupset with Avid breaks, external bottom bracket and 27.5 wheels - all for the princely sum of £360 plus £15 worth of free extras.

Took it out for a quick 10 mile blast this afternoon to test everything out, etc and I have to say that I am stunned that you can get such a capable bike for just over £350! Amazing!

OK, so it's not a Specialized or a Whyte or a Bird but for what I paid for it, it really is pretty outstanding.

Thoroughly recommend it if you can find one - the new 2016 version even comes as a 1x11 now as well


  • I like it. I had one of the 2009 ones, really good for the money.

    However, I'm afraid you are now going to have to stand by for a flood of comments along the lines of 'hope you aren't riding it in that gear combination'
  • daffdaff Posts: 81
    Ha ha, no, not riding it in that gear combo - I hadn't noticed the photo until you pointed it out

    Have to say that the drive train is REALLY quiet! It's the first SRAM kit I've had but I'm really impressed
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,617
    Still got my 2010 fury. Good bike even in current spec, enjoy it.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Still got my 2012 version - Think I paid about the same for mine a couple of years back.

    Cracking bikes for the money.
  • daffdaff Posts: 81
    Took the "Fury" up to Nant Yr Arian today - it was chucking it down but the bike was brilliant! Coped with the Summit Trail no problem, easily as sure footed as my previous Bizango.

    What I'm really impressed with though is the Sram groupset. It's different to Shimano kit, but is slick, quiet and shifts excellently.

    Big thumbs up from me - if you can find a 2015 version (there's a 20" in Aberystwyth Halfords), then I don't think you can beat it for £360
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