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Autumn/winter commuting gear

slowmonkeyslowmonkey Posts: 48
edited October 2016 in Road buying advice
Hi all,

So am doing my first autumn/winter commute this year, and noticed the early mornings are now a little colder!

After some advice really on what I should wear on my bike for a 50 minute commute into London each morning.

Presently i wear a road jersey and a sweatshirt, which is not ideal. Lower half, padded shorts and thermal tights.

Should I be looking at a merino base layer, and a jacket over that? Would that be adequate as we go deeper into autumn/winter? Any suggestions out there? Have seen some DHB Merino base layers...

Ideally looking for a jacket to go through the cold seasons, keep me warm and dry as required but not too stuffy if not too cold out.

Jacket I'm eyeing is the Hoy Vulpine Portixol.would this suit my requirements? Open to any suggestions anyone may have!

Thanks for reading, welcome any advice!


  • mostlymostly Posts: 113
    I like the craft and decathlon aerofit baselayers. For 90% of last winter I wore a castelli trasparente and just adjusted baselayers accordingly. (found the trasparente for half price but would pay full rrp for another)
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