Zwift on tv via ipad?

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Hi all. Winter seems nearly here snd im trying to get prepared to get to doing some time on the bike. Ive bought a wahoo kickr and they seem pretty good, just been out and bought a new plasma to hang on the wall infront of it for the bike room. I say just had the both of them a month and ashamed to say both still in the box :roll:

I dont have a gaming laptop so my old work one probaby too old to use for zwift but i had planned on using an ipad. My old spare one is too old so have a new air one. To get it onto the tv ive read i need to use a cable and have the telephone cellular ipad but mine is wifi only.

Any techy people got a clue how i can easuly get zwift from ipad to the tv as i want to set it all up and not have any faff as soon as i get obsticakes in the way it will all be conigned to the dark and never be used so i need to make it easy as ive not got massive patience for techy stuff hence why i use an ipad for everything.

Any help appreciated



  • frisbee
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    You can get a lightning to HDMI adapter, it'll work with an ipad air.

    You could also get an Apple TV and use airplay mirroring.

    I think Zwift for iOS is still in beta.