Help me choose old used bike...

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Hi. What do you think about this bike? The person would give me for around 250-200 euro. In usd is about 230 $
Its a full suspension fike with both FOX float.
But unfornately the bike has only one disk. The other brake is V-brake.
It has rear and front derailleur XT.
what do you think about this model, although is old model?



  • The Rookie
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    It's a pretty old bike, the rear shock is very basic.

    What sort of usage do you intend to use it for?

    This is UK based website, so 90% of us have little knowledge of the used market wherever you are.

    I dare say it is worth the asking price, whether it suites you and your usage it's hard to say, of course that depends on everything being in good useable condition which it's hard to tell from some photos.
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  • most usage is asphalt road