Enduro racing tips?

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Hi all,
I have entered my first gravity enduro race which will take place in a month and am obviously very excited!
I was wondering whether any of you had some good advice to help me ride fast and hopefully do well(ish). 
There's no practice or scoping of the stages beforehand allowed.



  • rockmonkeysc
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    Relax, never panic and have fun.
    Forget it's a race and just have fun. That way you'll be relaxed, go faster, make less mistakes and enjoy it more.
    Make sure your bikes in top condition, make sure you carry a tube and minimal tool kit. Take gels and water. Don't rush the transitions, you gain nothing by getting to a stage early. Better to save energy for timed stages.
    Remember to pedal at every opportunity during stages. Check your gear before you pull up to the start line, you don't want to go for the sprint off the line only to find your in too high or low a gear.
    Don't take big risks, staying on is quicker than having to drag your bike out of the scenery!
    Just enjoy it, everyone is there to have fun. People are mostly friendly at races and just out for fun.
    It's also important to be friendly and polite to marshalls and starters, remember they're giving up their day for free so you can have fun.
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    Run burlier tyres than usual. It's not worth messing up a race run for the sake of saving a few grams.
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