Which wheel size

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Would riding a 29er be worse over jumps than a 27.5 ?
Or not much difference ?
Thanks in advance


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    Define 'jumps'.
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  • Areas of the Galaxy when both wheels are off the floor ;-)

    Seriously, I mean if I wanted to go to a track that had medium size jumps ( like a bmx track )
    Not full on stunting .
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    If you are jumping a few feet then any wheel will be fine, the higher the impact forces the more you want to tend towards the smaller wheel for rigidity (and reduced chance of failure).

    The modern wider hubs of course help offset that with improved spoke angles, so Boost or 142 rear for example.
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    There's a lot more to consider than just wheel size.
    For example this bike with 26" wheels:

    would be worse than this bike with 29" wheels:

    Where as this would probably be better than either on a bmx track:
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