Tacx Flow Smart and Suunto Movestick Mini - Signal Range

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Just trying to take my first steps into smart training and Zwift.

I've got a Tacx Flow Smart and Suunto Movestick Mini, running Zwift through a 2010 Macbook pro.

The Ant+ signal range is terrible, if I place the Macbook in front of my bike on the Tacx (devices approx 1m apart) Zwift won't pick up the Ant+ signal. Zwift will only detect the Tacx when I have the Macbook placed within a few inches of the trainer.

Am I doing something wrong ? The Movestick Mini is meant to have a range of up to 10m...


  • That doesn't sound right. I have my Sunnto on an extension cable and pinned to a shelf so it's about an inch in front of my right shifter. It's worth trying an extension cable and put it next to the trainer just to get it away from the electronic noise of the laptop.
  • Currently the Suunto is about 6 inches away from my front shifter and it won't pick up signal.

    When I used the Tacx with my Garmin on an out front mount it worked perfectly and the distance between the Tacx and the Garmin was roughly the same as the distance between the Tacx and the Macbook / Suunto.

    So the problem seems to lie with the Macbook or dongle, rather than the Tacx. I'll buy an extension and give it a go to see if that sorts it.
  • Got an extension cable and it works perfectly now.
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    My Suunto Movestick easily does a couple of meters. There's definitely something wrong with your set up - you'd need to swap things out to verify if its the pc or the stick.
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    Some good info here if you have more problems, zwiftalizer is particularly nice


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    I was originally using a Movestick, but I got one of the Tacx Ant+ Antennas with my Vortex and it has been rock solid without placing it near the Vortex. I did suffer some occasional dropouts with the Movestick, but never had one with the Tacx in almost a year.

    https://www.athleteshop.co.uk/tacx-ant- ... 0wodNkcI1w