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Calling all Thule 561 owners...

bomsterbomster Posts: 202
edited October 2016 in Road buying advice
I just got my Thule 561 from Amazon, and followed the instructions, halfway through I noticed that there is an image that shows a requirement for the fork dropouts to be recessed? After looking back through the old manual (thay I checked before buying) I notice this warning was not made. I wonder if Thule have had issues and are now covering their a**e by including this section.

My Spesh Allez does not have these recesses so I am now a tad concerned about using this roof rack, especially at 'motorway speeds'.

Anyone got any advice, or can confirm their bike has been fine? Would appreciate someone putting my mind at rest.

Link to old manual:

Link to new manual, as was included in my box (note bottom left of page 2): ... ctions.pdf

Image of section I am referring to:


  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,069
    it's saying they need either to have lawyer lips OR be recessed, hence the two types shown in the view with the tick
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