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Advice on <£350 bike

yayforgarrusyayforgarrus Posts: 2
edited September 2016 in MTB buying advice
I've got up to £320 to spend and I've got my eye on these 4 hardtail bikes:

Sloope CTX 3.6 (29") ... e-EV290338

BTwin rockrider 520 (27.5") ... 60662.html

BTwin rockrider 540 (27.5") ... 50583.html

Carrera Vulcan 2015 (27.5") ... -bike-2015

I was looking to get the Sloope but cant find any info on Sloope bikes on the forum. I also gathered that the rockriders are good value. Someone please give advices on which is best value for money.


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