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Yay I can finally do wheelies on my full sus MTB, well sort of...

I know how to get the bike up and keep it there, but my problem is now I have to jump off the back like 95% of the time because, I think it's kicking the pedal down/bringing the handlebars up too hard or i'm not distributing my weight properly.

Anyone got any tips so I don't keep flying off the back of the bike or is it just finding that 'sweet spot'?

Thanks :D


  • I'm in the process of trying to learn this as well. Like you I was having trouble staying at the balance point without falling off the back after 3 or 4 pedals. After further review, I noticed that the GMBN and other videos mention having to feather the rear brake to keep from going off the back. So I think it's balancing (i) pedal strokes to move you upright, and (ii) braking to keep you from moving too far back. Going to be trying this tonight.
  • You're doing it all wrong. Compress the fork, move your weight back and let the fork rebound do most of the work. Never pull up sharply on the bars.
    Keep the back brake covered incase it goes too far.
  • You really have to trust your brake, so that if you feel like going over you can pull the brake and get back down without hopping off the bike.
  • But don't grab a handful of brake suddenly or the front will come crashing down hard.
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