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Best cantilever brakes?

othelloothello Posts: 577
edited October 2016 in Cyclocross
If you had to pick the best cantilever brake what would it be? Excluding the Avid shorty ultimate :)

I'm thinking I need an upgrade from the basic set of tektro on my bike, and wondering what to go for. A friend has a pair of Shimano CX50s and rates them, but others say they are a bit hit and miss.

I'm sure everyone will just say to stump up and get the Avid's...
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  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    Stump up and get the Avids... They are just a great design, beautifully simple to setup and work so well.
  • devhadsdevhads Posts: 236
    TRP Revox are cheaper than Avids but perform well enough for your average league race.

    Like all cantis you need 3 pairs of hands and 5 different tools to set them up but once done they're easily adjustable for pad distance from the rim, height and toe in.They have in line cable adjusters like the Avids too and they take normal road pads. I can lock the back wheel with two fingers and I'm not particularly lightweight. Get some decent pads like Swissstop blue.
  • Avids currently discounted at chain reaction; see bikeradars twitter account.
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