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Which £600 Hard Tail

yorkiedaveyorkiedave Posts: 17
edited September 2016 in MTB buying advice
I am returning to cycling after a few years off and have narrowed my choice of MTB down to the following 3, doesn't appear to be much between them.

Which one would you go for and why? Or feel free to suggest an alternative. Thanks

Voodoo Bizango

B'Twin Rafal 720 - Just Noticed only a M in stock so may be too small for me at 5'10" Tall. Frame 395mm/15.5"

Calibre Gauntlet


  • well if it was me it would be down to the following

    B'Twin Rafal 720 ... -pink.html

    Boardman Mountain Bike Comp 27.5" (because halfords have 20% boardman bikes. and i own a boardman and love it) ... -comp-27-5

    VooDoo Hoodoo Mountain Bike ... ntain-bike

    so you have the new rafal 720 that everybody is talking about at the moment because of its specs .
    you then have the halfords boardman comp, its a great bike for the money and the boardman bikes range have won awards from "what mountain bike" over the past 4+ years from best value bike in its range (boardman HT Pro)
    then again their is also the voodoo hoodoo bike again from halfords and again this also won awards and its a firm fave on here by many owners.

    so that would be my top 3 choices in this price area, i know most will say that the rafel is the best buy because of its amazing specs but im not a big fan of decathlon bikes because of a bad experience but thats nothing to do with the bike itself.
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