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Scott Foil 10 2016 or Giant Propel Advanced sL1

belikeobelikeo Posts: 17
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Hello All,

I'd like to know your opinion about the Best Fast Bike : ... 721/76088/

Or ... oil-10-eu/

I want a fast bike but still a bit comfortable ;)

I have no experience with the propel and can't try them before purchase. I have great deal which makes the Giant 700 euro more expensive than the Scott (i will get it around 3500 euro)

Thanks for your opinion



  • the Giant @ 3500 euros sounds a good deal. They are £3999 GBP in the UK
  • izzaizza Posts: 1,561
    Have owned both - completely different rides. All comes down to what you intend to do with it.
  • izza wrote:
    Have owned both - completely different rides. All comes down to what you intend to do with it.

    Own a Propel ( a poverty spec model) though looked at the Foil. Interested in your comment. In what way is the Scott a different ride from the Propel?
  • izza wrote:
    Have owned both - completely different rides. All comes down to what you intend to do with it.


    Thanks you, in fact to be honest with you most of my motivation is to resell my Scott Foil 10 and for 700 euro more i will be able to get the Giant with Zipp wheel. On top of it the frame seems to be better finished on the Giant.

    I will not get anymore the DI2 which is on my scott but that doesn't bother me at all...

    How would you compare the two bikes, do you mind to developp please.

  • belikeobelikeo Posts: 17
    would love to get your feedback :)
  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    belikeo wrote:
    would love to get your feedback :)

    Aucune reponse...

    Parlant en tant que proprietaire d'un Propel je voudrais noter qu'il n'est pas exactement confortable en ce sens qu'on peut le comparer a un velo de tourisme,par example. Mais il n'est absolument pas mauvais dans ce rayon et d'ailleurs les pneus 25mm sont bien ajustes dans le cadre.
    Mais la transmission de puissance est simplement etonnante et je roule plus rapidement que jamais avec ce velo.Et je possede plusieurs autres velos en carbone dont le transfert de puissance est sensiblement moins impressionant.
  • izzaizza Posts: 1,561
    The Propel is very comfortable. It puts all those comments that aero bikes are really poor rides to bed completely. It's handling is secure and conservative. Not snappy, not razor sharp (compared to something like a Spesh Tarmac) but really smooth and stiff enough around BB that for sprinting and out of the saddle climbing it felt very light and efficient.

    The Scott is noticeably stiffer in all aspects. It is much livelier in all aspects and feels like a race version of the Giant. Initialy, I was worried about the comfort aspect as I changed saddle at the same time I changed frame but it has not been an issue. I got used to the Syncros saddle and find there to be no issues.

    So if you were looking for an allround bike that can do commutes, weekend warrior, group rides and sportives - take the Giant. If you want to step up in competion either via racing with others, or Strava bashing on your own then the stiffer frame and livelier handling will get you there with a bigger smile onyour face.
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