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Rebuild or new bike?

giles_cgiles_c Posts: 6
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I have a Raleigh titanium framed bike which I first bought about 16 years ago secondhand. It has been great.

The groupset and other bits are now in need of replacement and my local bike shop is suggesting retiring the bike and buying new. I do understand bikes have come on a long way since I purchased the Raleigh, but the frame, for all its limitations is light and stiff. For a 6'2", 91kg bloke it works well.

So does anyone have any thoughts on which would be better:
1. stripping the frame completely and buying new groupset etc and rebuilding on the titanium frame
2. bite the bullet and buy new.



  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
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    Unless you've been running it into the ground it isn't that likely that it needs everything replacing. The whole point of titanium frames is that they are meant to last. If the bike is a mere 16 years old (which is nothing!) then the frame should be nicely worn in by now! But either way, assuming the bike serves the purposes you need it to I wouldn't even think about replacing it. A rebuild should be a therapeutic task and the cost of sourcing replacement parts of the same generation as the bike should be cheap. You can make it more expensive by probably unnecessarily going for 11 speed etc but that isn't logical in purely financial terms.

    On the other hand, if you simply want a new bike then get one but I can understand why your bike shop would rather sell you a new bike than you source some parts and rebuild the bike yourself! Incidentally, though I am sure many will disagree with me, I would disagree that bikes, particularly steel or Ti framed ones, have come on much in the last 16 years!
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  • I don't think titanium frames from 2016 are substantially better than titanium frames from 2000... it's not a material that has seen a lot of evolution to be honest
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  • Rebuild! I suspect it will have a 1 inch steerer, but otherwise just fine. And I like titanium.

    What is knackered? If the headset, seatpost, saddle and wheels are fine (and probably 10 speed) then I suspect a tiagra groupset would be great.

    If the bars and stem are original I'd consider replacing too as a precaution.

    So shopping list would be:
    Tiaga groupset (£260): ... #pid=29976
    Bars and stem £40 or so
    Bar Tape:£5
    Tyres: £36 for some michelins - get 25 if they will fit ... 71322.html

    So for £350 you'll have a fresh riding bike with a a lovely titanium frame.

    You might need to get the Bottom bracket faced for the new external cups. Check the headset for play.
  • drlodgedrlodge Posts: 4,826
    If you like the frame and it fits well (with 16 years use it should do!) then rebuild. This is my 29+ year old Reynolds 531 professional frame, still rides beautifully although is relegated to winter use now. Everything on the frame, except the headset, has been replaced.

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