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Ultegra 6800 or force 22 with sram red 10 speed

wayne17wayne17 Posts: 32
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Hi all
I have just got a new sram red exogram 10 speed crankset 53/39 to replace my fsa gossamer 50/34. Went out for first ride today and it works lovely with my 4600 tiagra group set. I would like to go up to 11 speed but I am unsure about which group set to go for, ultegra 6800 or force 22? After a bit of online searching I seem to think the ultegra will work fine but can't find out if my new crankset would be OK with the force 22. I prefer the look of the force but which of the two group sets would work better with the sram red exogram 10 speed chainset. Has anybody on here got the same set up?


  • Nobody tried the sram red exogram 10 speed chainset with shimano 11 speed or sram 11 speed?
    Have I posted this in the wrong section should I have posted in the buyers section?
    Thanks wayne
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
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    The Exogram will work fine with SRAM 11 speed. SRAM is backward compatible for most things making it a lot cheaper to upgrade from SRAM 10 speed to 11 speed where all you would need to change would be the cassette and the shifters. The chainset and front and rear derailleurs would all work with the 11 speed shifters.
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  • Just what I wanted to hear thanks. for your help
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