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Elite Arion rollers

neil hneil h Posts: 499
Right, I'm looking at ordering a set of rollers as a way to get some time on the bike now it's getting darker earlier. I quite like the look of the Elite Arion parabolic a but I've got one question, are the resistance rollers worth the extra 60 quid?



  • It depends what you want them for. Rollers are great for working on your pedalling technique and cadence but if you want to work on power then you really need the resistance. Saying that I find the leaps in resistance very big on those rollers so I do power on the turbo and technique on the rollers but if you only have one and want rollers then definitely get the resistance
  • neil hneil h Posts: 499
    Yeah I was looking at it as a way to improve/maintain general fitness (though improving technique is a bonus) and I was assuming the variable resistance would give a bit more flexibility.
  • I've owned both the standard and resistance model Elite Arion rollers. Having the extra resistance is good if you want to put down more power without having to spin up like mad to 50kph or whatever. If you fancy doing 300+ watt intervals then get the resistance model for sure.
  • 47p247p2 Posts: 329
    Have a look at the Kreitler Rollers with Killer Headwind Fan, they have an adjustable fan allowing variable resistance which is enough to make you get out the saddle to turn the pedals. Even in a cold/freezing garage in the middle of winter you'll require a cooling fan to keep your body temperature in check

  • I have had a set of Arion resistance rollers for about 5 years, I think paired with Sufferfest they are incredibly effective at maintaining and improving bike fitness when it is icy/peeing with rain; I got them after thinking nothing of cycling in sub zero temperatures until hitting black ice a couple of times! Did not use mine at all last year and stuck to going out as and when. Have dusted them down this year again and am averaging 2-3 60min sessions a week with outdoor rides too. I have already noticed an improvement in my ability to take 'pain' on a ride and also my pedal efficiency etc 3 weeks in. Brilliant piece of kit.
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  • Harry182Harry182 Posts: 1,169
    +1 for resistance on rollers. I get on very well with a set of Planet X Resist Rollers - they're on sale at the moment too.
  • I've been using my Elite Arion rollers (with resistance) for my Zwift sessions and it is very effective. I like it much more than being bolted to a turbo, although I can't go quite as hard because of the need to maintain balance! You can look at that as a positive or a negative.

    But yes, for me at least the added resistance levels have been well worth it.
  • I think you can take more positive from it, sure you can't mash it like on a turbo but then again I find the rollers help with core muscles, balance and most definitely souplesse.
    Colnago C60 SRAM eTap, Colnago C40, Milani 107E, BMC Pro Machine, Trek Madone, Viner Gladius,
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