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Aksium One Disc Spokes

dee4life2005dee4life2005 Posts: 773
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Have a single spoke in Mavic Aksium disc 2016 wheelset, rear non-drive-side that has lost all tension. Thanks to them being straight pull round spokes and nylock type stuff in the nipple threads I've been unable to tighten. Wheel still runs true.

As I can't get the spoke out to measure accurately, it appears to be around 297mm. I've not had much luck searching from uk supplier, so I''m starting to think they might be hard to get hold of.

Nearest I found was ... 6mm-224651

As these wheels are on my cross bike I''m guessing these are the right ones, but don't fancy buying in bulk unless they are suitable. I''m not too prescious about a match, so if there is an alternative spoke that I could be using I''m open to suggestions.



  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,777
    you can access the mavic tech manuals here to confirm, they are usually pretty good for info...

    login: mavic-com
    password: dealer

    i had a quick look, rear nds and front spokes are the same, 296mm, part number 36690301 for pack of 12
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  • Awesome, thanks for the link ... one to bookmark.
    Looks like by shear luck I found the correct ones.

    Guess I might as well get a few spares as I have two of these wheel sets for my CX :lol:
  • I think Mavic's standard selling unit for spokes is a "side" so 12 spokes if it's a 24 spoke wheel, so you may automatically get some spares...
  • You need to build some kind of grip that allows you to grab the spoke and prevent it from rotating... have you tried pliers with some rubber on the jaws?
  • I couldn't find my pliers at the time, so I just had to try and attack it with the spoke key ... which obviously wasn't too successful. The nipple was definitely seized on this one though as it took alot of effort to get it to budge even when tightly clamped in a vice after I'd cut it to remove it from the wheel.

    Will definitely try the pliers and rubber trick, as don't want to damage the coating on the new spokes when installing them.
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