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Jump bike for urban training

Traser13Traser13 Posts: 19
edited September 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hey folks, I'm looking for some advice on buying a second hand jump bike.

I am working on my technique (manuals, balance and bunny hops) and am looking for something robust to practice on around town over the winter.

Ideally looking for recommendations on something with decent brakes and a few gears so I can get around. I'm 6'2" so happy for something on the slightly larger side.

Budget would be up to £500 - what can you suggest & what are things I should look out for.


  • Jump bikes generally don't have gears. You'd be better off with a used 4X bike, like a Yeti DJ.
    You won't ever be pedalling in the saddle on a jump bike so you won't ride very far anyway.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    I don't think you really want a jump bike by the sounds of it, just a shorter more aggresive riding hardtail, something like the older Scott Voltage or GT Chucker, not sure if they still do them though.

    My Daughter uses a Voltage frame for her MTB as she's so long in leg/short in body there were few frames around that fitted her, I've also had a couple of Chuckers for parts over the years.

    Both can be found used for around the £200+ in good usable condition, not sure new and haven't checked if they are still sold.

    EDIT: Voltage YZ still for sale but the specs are pretty poor, cant find any evidence that the Chucker is.
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  • Cheers guys, i'll have a look into them.

    Any suggestions on a bike that is easily available?
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