Fork travel question, maybe stupid

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Hi , if I run 140 mm forks with my preferred firm feel I get a max travel of around 110mm . Would this be ok on a bike designed for 120mm forks? I understand it will slacken the head angle and Bb will raise a little but would it cause undue stress on the head tube ? Probably a really stupid question but had to ask .


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    Yes, if anything more than running them at the right pressure.

    But it seems a bit pointless to have travel and not use it. Sounds more like you need to adjust compression damping.
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  • No. Your going to putting the same forces through the frame as if you were running it at full travel. There is no benefit to running excess pressure. You'll just get a very harsh ride as the dampers will be working against that excess pressure. Also, most of the time it will actually be extended more than if you ran it at the correct pressure because you'll have very little sag.
    Most forks can be properly reduced in travel to take that 20mm off the axle to crown length.
  • Thanks for the replys , forks are due a device soon so will speak to them about the compression damping . Bottom of the stroke it's just the initial softer feeling I don't like , I doubt being 17st 10lb helps with the feeling of plush forks . Maybe go rigid lol
  • If you pump the fork you'll get hand numbness and a nasty arm pump so it's better not to, the frame will be stressed more than ittended so again no.
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  • Fork is a Fox Talas RC 110mm-140mm 2013 I think
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    Sorry it's a RL . It says about locking fork but would I be able to adjust compression this was or is on/off so to speak ? Thanks for help folks it's much appreciated