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Hardtail or cheap full sus

matt_cartlidgematt_cartlidge Posts: 44
edited September 2016 in MTB buying advice

Not had an mtb for a few years but have signed up for a 3 day trip upto Scotland to visit 7 staines trail centres so need a bike.

I'm limited to Evans as work only do ride to work so shortlist is: ... e-EV244134

Or ... e-EV251296

So cheap full suss or decent hardtail?


  • I wouldn't really call that a cheap full susser. That's a good quality bike.
    Since you've not cycled for a while I think the double chain set on the trek will suit you better. It also has lockout front and rear so it will pedal pretty well and be much more comfortable on anything bumpy.
    However that hardtail would last you a lifetime. Everybody needs a hardtail at least as a second bike.
  • Thanks for the response I was meaning cheap compared to what it's possible to spend on a full suss. I have a norco search adventure road for light trails canal paths etc, running out of space in the garage with the kids bikes to get both hardtail and full suss. I think I'll go full Suss as never had one before.

    Thanks again
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