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Can't decide on which bike...your advice will be helpful

DanieljephcottDanieljephcott Posts: 334
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Hi all, this is my second post about a new bike so I do apologies but after going to the cycle show today I've wittled it down to two bikes and just not sure which one. Some advice would be great.

I've tried both bikes on and both felt great.

Here's the bikes I'm considering:

2017-Vitus escape VXR: ... prod146556

Not a fan of the dropper post as the reverb is just the best and also it has external cabling which I love the clean look of internal cabling. However is the Fox suspension better than the rockshox on the other bike? (Description is wrong as it's a rear fox float not the rockshox) The rear has less travel with only 135mm compared to the rose which is 150mm all round.

Here's my second choice and the one I'm being pulled towards.

2016 Rose granite chief 2: ... ged=816210

I think I like the raw silver look, quite industrial. It has 150mm travel all round. I've also heard that the front and rear suspension is less hassle, doesn't need servicing as much and easier to set up, no idea if this is right or not. It's internal cabling appeals and it has a reverb dropper which I love. I believe the mt6 brakes are also very good and slightly better than the ones on the vitus. All I would add on is a chain gauge. So it's probably £100 more than the virus above. Also is this a 1x11?

Anyway I'm stuck and not sure which spec is better, my main trails is Cannock but looking to go to coed y brenin in a few weeks and in may next year.

Your advice is greatly received.




  • Just realised it's a 2x9 but can upgrade to a 1x9 but I have a choice out of a 30,32 or 34. No idea what the difference would be.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    How is a 1x9 and upgrade from a 2x9?
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  • Rose would be my choice. A couple mates have them and I've ridden a couple. They're proper good bikes.
    The UK agent was staying in the same chalet as us in Les Arcs last summer, spent every evening fixing everyone's bikes while his Rose was faultless all week despite him riding twice as hard as anyone else.
  • I would say a 1x9 is an upgrade due to less weight and cleaning up the handle bars. I'm just unsure what the 30,32 and 34 difference is.

    I really like the rose and looking at reviews on the suspension is basically saying both are great and nothing really between them. I keep reading that the rockshock pike and monarch rear is a proven solid system.
  • I would definitely rather the Pike than the Fox 34. Less maintenance, more reliable and less flex plus it's simple to service yourself.
  • That's what I keep reading :). Will give the guys I met today a call to see if they can chuck on the 1x11 for free. Then I think it's a done deal.
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