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Hi - new rider :)

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I'm new to the Mountain Biking world. My fiance and I have taken it up together after talking about it for a long while. It's something we really committed to and both bought the Scott Scale 760.

We did the Blue Osprey trail at Kielder as our first proper trail outside of playing at the local woods, and then again a couple of weeks later as it was so fun: ... T1&index=2

Then we tried our first red trail, the Powerline trail at Chopwell woods, as it's very short we just tried it a few times over: ... h5dOohWFT1

I'm still very slow, whilst I try and get my confidence up. I know speed is my friend, so I just try and get a little better each time. I like to set myself little challenges like conquering more hillclimbs each time etc.

Really loving the hobby (apart from assembling the Thule roofrack!). I have come off twice, the first was a gravel patch that appeared and bit me and the second was a complete non-event where my back wheel slipped out in a lot of mud and I just toppled over to the side in to a bed of grass. I was thankful for the full face helmet on the first though :)


  • Welcome to the Forum! I hope that you're enjoying your mountain biking and getting out, and muddy, at every opportunity!
  • I don't know what kind of car you have, but I have always used a rear-mounted rack for transporting my bike(s) about - I used to drive a Peugeot 206 hatchback and it was absolutely fine.
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