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Emonda SLR Wheels

bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
edited September 2016 in Road buying advice
Sorry to start yet another wheels thread!! :oops:

Just put a deposit on a used Emonda SLR9 without wheels.
Can't wait to get it, but in a dilemma on wheels.
They are offering a set of colour coded Aeolus 3 wheels with it for just over £1000 extra.

As I'm going for my dream bike, I want to put a really nice set of light all rounder wheels on it to finish it off and do the frame justice. The Aeolus get stunning reviews from what I've read, but it's a lot of extra money!!

I'm not racing and it's only for my pure pleasure, but at the same time, the frame deserves something a bit better than my fulcrum racing 5s!

Any recommendations for in around £5-600, or should I bite the bullet and go for the Aeolus wheels?!!


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