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Boardman CXR 9.4

BrainkiteBrainkite Posts: 3
edited September 2016 in Cyclocross
Hey everyone, i'm currently planning on buying a new "do-it-all" "rule-them-all" bike.

i'll use it for:
- "performance" commuting to work everyday (mostly on carless road)
- road hill climbing
- gravel/B-road mountain adventuring
- amateur CX racing

I've reduced my choice to 2 bikes but cannot choise between them:
the Canyon Inflite AL 8.0
and the Boardman CXR 8.4

One is Aluminium the other is carbon, but they weight almost the same. So I guess Boardman has put cheap heavy wheels that i'll have to change pretty soon after the purchase.
The Canyon seems quite well equiped with very good wheels and tyres and much better paintjob let's be honnest!
They both have press fit BB on which i've read a lot of storm about reliability.

My instinct would bend to the Boardman but I find it ridiculously cheap for the gear and the quality claimed, so i'm a bit suspicious. Especially when it comes to carbon frames where you cannot cut on build quality.

So does anyone has experience with one of those bikes or any advice regarding the configurations of those bikes?

Thanks a lot.


  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    I'd be looking at getting two bikes personally. A cheap winter hack with guard fitments for road riding and commuting then a CX bike for racing and off road use. You could probably get both for way under the budget, e.g. a Defy disc for road and a CADX 105/Scott Speedster for CX.
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