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Fox Transfer Internal Dropper Seatpost Review (first impressions)

Big_JackBig_Jack Posts: 82
edited September 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hi all, I know 'which dropper should I get' is a difficult question for anyone to answer and I myself was swaying between the standard reverb and the quirky Vyron, with neither really tickling my fancy. I then came across a review for the Fox Transfer post, which seemed to tick all of the boxes. Having just installed it on my Banshee Spitfire and taken the bike for a spin, here are my first impressions:

The post is easy to install - I always seem to struggle guessing outer cable lengths so this took 3 attempts for me (to make sure I got it right), but once you get that right the inner cable is just trimmed from the lever once you have tightened it up with the grub screw (which I nearly threaded; take care and tighten slowly). Make sure the cable outer is tight into the lever otherwise you'll get play (you can adjust slightly with the tension screw).

The post requires light action (lighter than my old reverb) and feels extremely smooth in use - there is a satisfying clunk when the post rises to let you know it's extended, which suits me as I inherently expect it not to be there! I can't see a way of adjusting the return speed but it seems fine; pretty prompt. A nice touch (intentional or otherwise) is that you can semi-press the lever to let it return just a bit, or particularly slowly (think throttling) so with some practice getting it from slammed to halfway should be easy without having to sit and hold it.

Feels nicely made as you would expect from Fox and the lever is lovely to use (I have the 1x left hander); id prefer a bit less play in the pivot but I am fussy about that sort of thing. The seat clamp does the job, too. It's not immediately obvious which way around the post goes, so I have the downwards lettering at the back because that makes the seat adjustment to my preferred space easier.

I'll answer any questions (when I get time!).

Hope this helps a bit.



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