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Squeaky Brooks Saddle

The_Wicker_ManThe_Wicker_Man Posts: 338
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Bought a Brooks C15 Cambium saddle yesterday. Went out for a ride this morning and it's annoyingly squeaky, thought it was the BB at first until I got out of the saddle and it stopped.
Anyone else have/had this issue? Best advise to stop it?


  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,406
    Bit of grease on saddle rails, seatpost clamps and bolt after cleaning it up first and make sure it is all done up tightly afterwards.
  • I had two of these and gave up on them in the end. It's a shame because I really like the look and feel but the incessant squeak drove me nuts. And everyone I rode with, for that matter.

    I contacted Brooks and their response was, and I quote:
    "This is a normal phenomenon. This happens because of the friction caused in between the rubber and the steel rails whilst riding. The only remedy to this is using vegetable oil or WD40 in areas of contact like you did."

    Less than satisfied, I questioned why they'd release and continue to sell a saddle they knew to have this 'phenomenon' but got no response at all. If you google it, not everyone agrees the above is the cause but certainly a number of them squeak.

    I also tried:
    - taking the under-nose rail-clamp off and coating the back of it in light grease
    - covering the rails in PTFE tape where the underside of the saddle cover rubs on them
    - taking off the casting with 'Brooks' on it and putting grease between it and the saddle cover....
    - Also a few other things, which escape me.

    Basically I tried to remove any friction between any parts which could have contacted any other parts. I might get silence for 10 miles before it came back. I sent one back to Wiggle but i still have the other so if anyone knows a solution....
  • Thanks for the advise. Will grease the rails and go out again over the weekend and see if its cured the problem.
    I hope it does as it's a really good saddle and probably 'the one' after trying so many saddles in the past.
  • Check tightness of the saddle rail clamp bolts on the seatpost - that's been the cause of those sort of saddle squeaks for me in the past.

    As for the Cambium saddles themselves squeaking, I haven't noticed it on either of the C17s that I have. However, the first thing I did with the saddles before fitting them was to undo each of the screw-together rivets and re-tighten them with a bit of Loctite on the threads. The rivets take a Torx T20 driver.
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,724
    Have you thought of gluing the rails instead of greasing them?
  • Tried everything to no avail, ordered a fizik aliante vs (same as the one on my scott) , had enough of the constant squeek. A real shame because it's the only saddle that I find comfortable for 100mile + rides and touring.
  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,190
    Are you selling the Brooks?
  • I will be
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