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Tower Bridge Closure

curiumcurium Posts: 815
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I did a search but found no existing thread discussing this.

The City of London Corporation is planning major essential maintenance works to Tower Bridge from Saturday 1 October to Friday 30 December 2016. This means that cyclists will not be able to cycle across the bridge in either direction during this time. The bridge will be open for pedestrians except for on three weekends. Theoretically cycle commuters could just dismount and push their bikes across the bridge as pedestrians.

TFL has advised a diversion route for cyclists and this is what I want to discuss and get some feedback about.

Here is a link to the map illustrating the diversion for cyclists: ... ersion.pdf

The diversion for northbound cyclists sends them over Southwark Bridge and then back east along what the map claims is Cycle Super-Highway 3 (CS3). TFL's site claims that CS3 runs from Barking and ends at Tower Gateway ( contradicts the diversion maps claims that CS3 runs as far as Southwark Bridge.

Is anybody, who travels along this stretch of Upper Thames St, able to confirm if CS3 does in fact run as far as Southwark Bridge?

My second concern is over the diversion for southbound cyclists. The map directs cyclists from Tower Gateway, westbound, along Lower Thames Street. It then requires the cyclists to turn right across a lane of traffic, northbound, towards the Monument in order to cross London Bridge in a southbound direction.

Is anyone able to confirm if there are a set of traffic lights at this point to facilitate the safe crossing of cyclists at this point on Lower Thames Street.

My final concern is over the extra distance northbound cyclists are expected to cover compared to motorists. While northbound cyclists are expected to travel westbound as far as Southwark Bridge before crossing, motorists are directed northbound across London Bridge. Given the physical nature of cycling I can see plenty of people (including myself) opting to ignore the diversion signs and crossing north and south via London Bridge. I'm not sure why TFL have not taken the physical nature of cycling into account when devising the diversions.

Does anybody know the best way to feedback to TFL specifically about these diversion for the Tower Bridge closure?

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