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I think there might be some legal nous on this board, and it was cycling related, promise!

Long story short: I'm involved in a discussion with a bus company about one of the driver's behaviour. They have CCTV footage of the incident, which they've said they're happy to let me view (the DPA says they have to make it available), but they're "unable to provide me with a copy due to data protection".

I can find things that say they're not allowed to release images of "identifiable persons", but not a standard bus route, surely?

Basically, I want a copy, and they're making it harder.
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    Sounds like bollocks, if only from a brief google. I imagine it's just easier for them not to, and 'Data Protection' is an easily vague excuse
    When can CCTV images be disclosed?

    You have the right to see CCTV images of you and to ask for a copy of them. The organisation must provide them within 40 calendar days of your request, and you may be asked to pay a fee of up to £10 (this is the maximum charge, set by Parliament). This is called a Subject Access Request. You will need to provide details to help the operator to establish your identity as the person in the pictures, and to help them find the images on their system.

    Then again - from same page
    If, however, other people are identifiable in the CCTV pictures, then the images would be considered personal information and it is likely they would be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.
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  • Write to them formally.

    I had an issue with a bus company, asked them on the phone for the CCTV and they were adamant they didn't need to.

    I wrote to them, pretty much quoting the above, within a week they sent me stills from it (not quite the footage, but better than nothing).