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Has anyone seen this? Looks pretty cool if it's as secure as they suggest. ... r-bikes-an


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    The three-digit combination means it's no more secure than the lock on a wheelie suitcase. On average, there would be only 500 combinations to try until opening it, which a bored kid could do in a few minutes.

    Hire bikes in Warsaw come with combination locks and those are four-digit - I don't think I'd rely on my bike having less security than those old bangers get :)
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    Will deter an opportunist but will not delay a determined bike thief by more than a couple of seconds.
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    Good way to secure a front wheel to the frame maybe, but I'd need convincing to use it as anything more than that.
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    I like it for cafe stops or when I quickly pop to the shops but not for the current price, £40 for one or so if you factor in delivery.
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    would be interesting to see if it's as tough as they say. My guess is that it won't be long before some clever thief finds a way to get through it in seconds.
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    A cigarette lighter would play havoc with all that plastic.
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    going on the size of it,. it looks ideal for those situations that you wont be stood next to your bike for a couple of minutes, ie going up to the bar to order food when the bike is still outside, popping in to the shop for an icecream, etc etc

    light and folds up small

    it will stop someone from just walking off with your bike and you can carry it easily in a saddle bag
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    Never bothered with locks on Sunday rides. The cafes I stop at are out of the way.

    I'd not use that lock for leaving a bike all day too. Why only three digits ?
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    It's probably good enough for the cake (pint) stop, which is probably all it's intended for.

    I'd like to have a go at the combination lock; with a little practise, one can decode most combination locks in about 30-60 seconds.
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  • I'm pondering either a higher end Abus Bordo variation, or as a leftfield option, a Litelok...

    I wouldn't use a 3-pin combination lock even to secure my front fat wheel, nevermind the whole bike! If that wheel vanishes, it will cost me £100+ to replace just the wheel, before we talk about the tyre; disc rotor; tube!! :shock:

    At work, I use two Abus Granit-X d-locks, one for the front wheel and one through the rear triangle and rear wheel. But I don't want to be lugging ~3Kg of lock around with me for a quick trip to the shops. :lol:
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  • Yea, good point about the three digits. It's not a lock I'd use to leave my bike somewhere over night, but I thought it was a pretty good idea. Especially being so light. The litelok looks pretty cool.
  • Those locking teeth are made of plastic, I wouldn't think it would need much of a tug to pull it apart.
  • pblakeney
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    Knog Milkman 1m Cable Lock.
    I got one of these in a Black Friday sale. Perfect for cafe stops at 1/2 price.
    Need something more substantial for anything longer, or regular.
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