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Torrington Place/Tavistock Place Consultation: Have Your Say

jamescojamesco Posts: 687
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sungod posted about this in Commuting General which doesn't get the same traffic as here. So risking the wrath of the admins, I'll repeat him: the 1 year trial of the improvements in Torrington Place/Tavistock Place has finished and now the consultation on whether to keep them has begun. The LTDA and the BRAG are doing their best to rollback everything using dishonest arguments - if you want to see the improvements saved and extended on, you've got to speak up.

The Camden Council survey is here.

As LCC say, "just make sure you answer Q6 “Would you like the current street layout… to become permanent?” as Yes. And Q7 “Would you like the street to return to its pre-trial layout…?” as No."

There are also in-person consultations happening:

Local business & resident's group, the "Marchmont Association", is having a meeting tonight at 7pm, the findings of which will be summarised and presented to the council.

Camden Council is having two drop-in sessions at Camden Town Hall (Committee Room 3A):
• Thursday 22 September, (12 noon to 2pm)
• Wednesday 12 October, (6.30 to 8.30pm).


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