New shaft in Dual Position forks?

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I have a pair of Revelation RLs on my Trance. The second set of sag settings on the stanchions got me thinking about installing a new 150mm shaft, an extra 10ml. Its not much more travel of course but it seems like a fairly cheap and easy way to get a bit more from the forks... ... B0199Y9RUG
The only thing is that its a dual position 120 - 140mm fork (with new shaft 130 - 150mm :)) and i cant find anything about changing a shaft for a dual position...i dont know anything about the dual position mechanism and it could be that you cant replace the shaft with this type of fork.
Any ideas chaps??


  • I believe you can't change the total travel in them. You'll never notice 10mm difference anyway.
    If you want a similar effect to an extra 20mm for not much cash then fit an angleset. Geometry counts for more than travel. You'll get more stability in the rough stuff and confidence to push harder.
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    neilus Posts: 245
    Blimey, they look interesting! Never knew about these, cheers RM!