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Spamhaus listing - only on BR forum

tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,021
I'm getting issues with IP being blocked by Spamhaus but only when replying to a forum thread on BR. It gets blocked but I don't get blocked on any other forum. I've tried quite a few forums without Spamhaus.

Could it be something about this site? I had it a year or so back but it went. As.I said it only happens with BR and without doing anything I can view and reply to other forums and websites.


  • You can check your status on Spamhaus and request removal here:
    BikeRadar Communities Manager
  • My IP address changes when I turn phone off and on again so it's a work around there. The phone remembers my copy of the post I was trying to submit. It's just annoying. Could there be any link to this blocking and links or ads on the forum?

    BTW it asks for an internet address, host address IIRC, would that be the website's address? As in tree bikeradar address?
  • There shouldn't be any link between the content and the behaviour you're seeing.

    Spamhaus is asking for your own IP address which can be found through visiting this website:
    BikeRadar Communities Manager
  • It lists the IP address but also asks for a website www dot domain dot com address but I'm not what that should be. My isp domain, the website address or other?
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