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Riding tool kit

IanWhiteIanWhite Posts: 85
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Hi All

Think this is the right place so I'm doing more long ride's and am thinking about what I need in my bag in case of a problem
at the moment , I have listed spare tube, or tube's tyre levers , multi tool , and a pump or C02 bit's , but I have a question about the C02 bit's do you have to have a totally flat tyre , or can you just top up your tyre's if they look a little flat :?: , also is there any thing else you'd put in your bag in case of emergency

thanks and sorry if these are silly question's , Ian


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Tube, puncture kit, pump, multitool, tyre levers, chain tool, couple of spare master links, cable tie, tyre boot and if it's a very long ride maybe a gear cable.
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  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    A small wrap of gaffer tape has got me home after I split a tubeless tyre and had to fit a tube with gaffer tape over the hole.
  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,474
    I keep a strip of gaffer tape wrapped around a loyalty card (or similar) - provides a neat and tidy way of carrying some tape without it taking up excess space or weight.
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  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    definitely cable ties and gaffer tape ... its amazing what you can strap together after crashing an mtb and ripping a gear/brake shifter off, ripping a rear mech off and having a 10mile trip back home
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    BigMitch41 wrote:
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  • Thanks for the reply's chap's , never thought of money :-)

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