ANT+ on iPad?

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Its time to set up the turbo again....

I have a Bkool Pro, which runs over ANT+ only and have used no problem with a macbook running zwift & trainer road.

For ease of use, id like to move to an iPad, as the macbook is now used elsewhere and it would be a pain to keep relocating it for training.

As far as I can see, there is no way to use the wahoo ANT+ key with newer iOS devices (even with the convertor) as a lot of people are commenting that it doesn't work.

So I can't get ANT+ on an iPad Pro....I can't get bluetooth on the Bkool Pro.....will I just have to fork out for a dedicated Mac Mini or a cheap PC?!! .....surely someone can some up with a way to relay ANT+ over bluetooth, its a pain in the behind unless you have a bluetooth enabled trainer.

Ideally id like a wahoo kickr but no way funds or the better half will let me stretch to that! :lol:

Any thoughts or advice appreciated - I can't be the first one to have this problem (especially as zwift have just released their iOS app).


  • You might want to look into ant+ to Bluetooth bridges. Not tried one myself but am thinking of getting one if I get into the zwift iOS beta. 4iiii heart rate monitor does it, as does Wahoo's RFLKT+

    With these you connect your ant+ devices to the bridge and they forward the ant data to iOS in Bluetooth

    Zwift have tested with the hear rate monitor and state that works. I don't know if anyone had succeeded with the RFLKT, this would be my preferred solutions.
  • Thanks for the response BranonA.
    Trainer Road doesn't support either of those bridging devices (so I imagine the sufferfest app won't either).
    Looks like a bit of a dead end at the minute, until someone comes up with a universal solution - think ill have to resort to a mac mini or cheap pc instead :(
  • Are you use the Wahoo key won't work? I've used it with trainer road with the lightening adapter on my iPhone 6 and it worked fine?

    Notably this won't work with the upcoming Zwift iOS version.

    As I understand it the apps don't need to support the bridging devices as it's just converting it to bluetooth so it if supports BTLE devices it should work.