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Front bike seats

kaycollinskaycollins Posts: 2
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Can anyone help me with suggestions for a front bike seat.

I have a GAzelle Miss Grace with a handlebar lock so the handlebar stem is very chunky with the lock (used all the time) has to be accessed. I need a front bike seat (already have a back one) and they look like the all attach to the part of the handlebar stem where the handlebar lock is.

Does anyone have experience of getting a front bike seat for htis type of bike. I was loking at the BoBike seats but the connection bit seems to sit high up on the stem - unless i am being a bit daft.



  • The lock would prevent the BoBike front seat mount from working.

    With the front rack on your bike could you adapt a rear seat to fit at all? By physically bolting through to the rack?
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