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Tour of Britain 2016 Stage 4 *Spoiler*

ProssPross Posts: 28,322
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Not much to spoil, the longest (218km) and hilliest (over 4000m) stage from Denbigh to the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells ended in a reduced bunch sprint. The winner had a good Welsh name at least with Dylan Groenewegen taking it from Dan McLay and Ben Swift. No major GC as far as I could tell but Roche list his lead in the sprint competition. There was a brief bout of racing just before the 4 man break of the day got caught about 30km out when Movistar tried to sneak two men up the road but Sky weren't having it and closed it down.

The stage may have been better than this but the highlights editing was appalling, jumping around with nothing to explain what had happened in the meantime.


  • Highlights were atrocious tonight - 8:55 65km to go, 8:57 57km to go Hugh running out of things to say (he was so bad today) 8:59 7km to go, 8:59:30, sprint, good night :-0
    All the gear, but no idea...
  • ProssPross Posts: 28,322
    With some minor re-routing today they could have sent them up the Bwlch-y-Groes.
  • I saw the end 'live' on ITV4 and Porter called McLay as the winner :D

    It was close, but no photo finish!
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  • ProssPross Posts: 28,322
    Yeah he's clueless. Makes Kirby look like a commentating genius. Have to feel for Smith, I assume his time working with Kirby was some kind of apprenticeship to try to prepare him for sitting next to Porter. Someone I know does a bit of amateur race commentary at local rounds of the elite crit series that Porter also commentates at (and has done for years), he does a far better job and tried to share information with Porter as they cover different halves of the course but he refused. That said, he's quite an amiable old guy and part of the furniture for domestic racing.
  • CarbonClem wrote:
    I saw the end 'live' on ITV4 and Porter called McLay as the winner :D

    It was close, but no photo finish!

    Yes you do wonder sometimes - it was so clear that McLay had not won that it was almost as if Porter had called McLay as the likely winner 100 metres from the line and wasn't going to deviate from his script despite a different story unfolding in front of his eyes.

    Of course it could just be his eyesight isn't that sharp and he really couldn't see it - comes to us all if we live long enough.

    That said there is an amiable quality to Porter's commentary which I find agreeable which is lacking in Carlton's ranting.
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  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,013
    What I don't like about Kirby is how he always makes censored jokes to himself and then giggles while Kelly ignores him.

    That and the inability to identify anyone other than his one pet rider per team.
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